Sunday, May 13, 2007

Travelling to Killarney, Ireland for the 15th Annual European H.O.G. Rally !

Memorabilia !

Rio-Antirio bridge Greece. Didn't accomplish my aim, for 2 hours, stayed one night in Venice Italy and sailed next day back to Greece after 5700 km in total. In spite of the difficulties, the phychological fatigue and the 50% increase of my budget, I believe I will do again a trip like this, next year. Be in touch.

Killarney Ireland. Guinness Toucan Brew in pubs like the above helped me be calm and change my plans every day. After a week of delay, when I managed to fix my bike, between the third and fourth glass, I decided to try the "impossible". Sail to West England, drive all day to reach East England and sail to Holland. I arrived in Rotterdam Holland at 0030 hours and drove all night for 1500 km, with stops only for gas, through Germany and Austria in order to reach Venice Italy by 1430 hours to get the Ferry boat to Greece.

Killarney Ireland. My drive belt refused to continue. My H.O.G. Assistance couldn't check if I was a member. The local H.O.G. Chapter couldn't help me. The English and the Greek H.O.G. Chapter couldn't be reached. The nearest H-D workshop was closed. I got help from a local police officer, a local engineer, a local hotel owner and an engineer from Greece.

Killarney Ireland.

Killarney Ireland. Swimming in the Atlantic Ocean on June isn't a wise thing. Believe me !

Killarney Ireland. Making new friends !

Killarney Ireland. I thought I was the one from the furthest distance but 5 bikers rode from Saudi Arabia !

Killarney Ireland. The Ring of Kerry.

London England. Hyde Park.

London England. A Hummer Limo in Hyde Park outside the Foo Fighters concert.

London England. Royal cavalry in front of the Canadian Embassy!
London England. The Parliament !

London England. Big Ben !

London England. The "Eye of London"!

London England. Classic Rolls Royce. In London there are a lot of very expensive cars new or classic, so I was the only one staring and drooling !

Inside the Eurotunnel train wagon.

Our transportation through the tunnel underneath the English Channel.

At the start of Eurotunnel in France with bikers attending the Rally in Ireland.

Paris France. Eiffel Tour !

Paris France. Arc de Triomphe !

Paris France. Eiffel Tour by night !

Paris France. Military Academy.

Paris France "a aristide briand pax"!

Paris France. Notre damme.

French autoroute. Stopped for "personal needs" and in less than 5' the emergency car was besides me asking if I needed any help !

Geneve Switzerland. Rock music concert.

Geneve Switzerland. Classic music concert.

Geneve Switzerland.

Venice Italy. Arriving at the start point of this trip.


+ma said...

U got help by a "local police officer" ? thats something! I bet in Greece no cop would help u with the belt. Unless it was the belt on your trousers ;) lol

How many days did u stay in Ireland? How many beers did u drink? ;)

btw, that Hummer limo... havent seen it before. Its completely useless, isnt? rofl


scarface said...

When I told the police officer, that my next stop was Holland, he told me that I would find good stuff there !

I stayed 5 days and I need 3-4 glasses of beer to relax, so figure it out !

I believe the real purpose was a lot of square inches of advertising !